Enviro Septic Care offers its clients one of the most advanced Septic Care products available. This powerful product is versatile enough to use on residential septic systems all the way to the biggest commercial sewage plants.

It offers 400 Trillion Bacteria per dry treatment. Most companies are at 30 Trillion or less. This is Huge for treating your system and saving you a lot of money on service calls going forward.

Read below to understand why I thought it was important to start this business and help homeowners like yourselves with something that is not a pleasant part of owning a home.


In  1990, in our local newspaper, there was an article that read 20K septic systems were going to fail in the next year, in the county that I lived in.  I thought I could help these people.

Before, 1990, I was the plant manager for a chemical manufacturer and distributor for over 15 years.  The company made products for municipalities; cleaners, floor care, maintenance products, etc.  One product we blended was a natural or green product that we sold to sewage treatment plants.  A natural product that broke down solids, odor control, reduces sludge, and the by-product was CO2 & H2O.

I started out treating my home and family.  Then neighbors and friends.  Then, anyone who had their own waste system or business.  Enviro Care was born.

The product itself is a biological product that is actually cultured from our mother earth (it does not get any more natural and safe than that).

There are good strains of bacteria in our mother earth that break down solids, odor control, sludge reduction, in drains, filters, drain fields, etc.  Any waste system for home or business.  To keep your waste system maintained have it pumped on a timely maintenance schedule and use a good biological product (Enviro Septic Care) and your system will last longer than they were designed.

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Mark McKee



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